Face-to-face provides deeper engagement

Executives prefer face-to-face meetings when the decision-making process is fluid, requiring the kind of give-and-take typical of complex decisions and sales. Face-to-face meetings are best for persuasion, leadership, engagement, accountability and decision-making. There’s also more to a business meeting than closing the deal. The benefits of in-person social interaction are among the more subtle, bonding and less measurable advantages.

Forbes Insight:
“The case for face-to-Face”

Welcome to SE-Corp

In such a busy and technology driven world, there is still nothing as crucial for building stronger, more meaningful and profitable business relationships than Face-to-Face meetings.

SE-Corp - Strategy Enablement Corporation - arranges these meetings for senior business executives and we structure Summits and events around them. These create the perfect environment for both industry-leading delegates and best of breed sponsors to achieve their ideal mutual goals.

For C-level executive delegates, we offer world-class events across Australia, with programmes full of famous keynote speakers, workshops, roundtables, think-tanks and the perfect balance of formal and informal, passive and interactive engagements. We create peer-led forums where the delegate is our focus and helping to share best practice and common experience enables every participant to maximise valuable ROI for their time.

For selected qualifying sponsors, we offer access to your target customers when they are open minded and actually want to meet you to learn more about how your solutions may help to solve their challenges. We concentrate weeks of meetings and travel costs into just two days.

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